Founded in February 2017, Cryptic Times strives to distinguish itself as a digital media platform for honest and critical evaluation of controversial topics. Based on the premise that much of the information provided through traditional sources – whether print, broadcast, or digital – is intended to support or promote a particular ideology at the expense of objectivity and transparency, Cryptic Times will illuminate the half-truths and outright lies that contribute to today’s chaotic and confused information landscape.

Cryptic Times will focus primarily on topics that seem to have been most thoroughly victimized by corporate and/or political manipulation and misinformation. While it is understood that the associated misinformation will necessarily make these topics more difficult to cover, the aim of Cryptic Times is not to isolate and verify absolute truths, but to identify and expose the elements of these stories that are most certainly NOT true, and to winnow away the ancillary details until we are left with something that more closely resembles objective reality.

The Cryptic Times Mission

We endeavor to create original, informative, and entertaining content that will empower our readers to think more critically, challenge more confidently, and develop their ability to accurately discern the difference between honest misunderstanding and deliberate deception.