Have Scientists Discovered Real Evidence of a Parallel Universe?


A 1.8 billion light year wide ‘cold spot’ in the universe is getting a new explanation. While it was considered for years to be a simple trick of light caused by shifting wavelengths of a ‘supervoid’, new research indicates that explanation just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard‘ anymore.

The latest theory attempting to explain this giant hole in the universe – a hole presumed to be missing 10,000 galaxies – is that it is actually the result of a collision that occurred between our universe and another parallel universe.

While the notion of parallel universes is certainly nothing new, this may be the first time actual empirical evidence has been recorded.  Of course, it is just a theory at this point, and further research is needed, but there are numerous cosmological models that support the notion of a multiverse, and this recent theory should really come as a shock to no one.

Maybe we’re getting closer to wormholes and interstellar travel, or maybe some scientific rationale for the Mandela Effect, or maybe even a plausible explanation for whatever happened to that other sock that mysteriously vanished from the dryer.

In any event, this is at least another example of how little we really know about the nature of our universe.